House blocking, rats in ceilings and under floorboards, woodlice control and cluster fly control

We have all these jobs lined up for the coming week plus mole trapping and bird control. We have several flats to do pigeon proofing for, several places where we have to fit and service fly machines plus all over the above work. We are travelling to Naunton, Moreton in Marsh, Oxford, Cirencester and Gloucester already from Monday so it is building up to a very busy week already and the week has not even started yet. 9 jobs on the books with more to come in by certain. We were working up to 23 December last year. I do hope that we can finish a little earlier this year but think it will be unlikely. We have got through 8 rolls of Xcluder matting in one week and have had to order another 32 kilos of the strong pelleted rat bait that we use inside buildings. We have used 28 kilos over the past 8 weeks. It is surprising how quickly kit goes. Money has to keep coming in to pay for more all the time. People think we must earn a lot but most of what we take goes on replacing what we have used and it takes quite a long time to build up a surplus to enable a wage to be taken.

We are looking forward to a couple of weeks rest over the Christmas holiday. We certainly need it.


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