Bird Proofing and cluster flies and carpet Beetles

We have been doing bird and squirrel proofing at a house in Cheltenham this week. This will stop anything entering the roof as we used Xcluder matting and wire netting to reinforce it. We have been inundated with cluster fly control already this week. We have sold a large fly machine to a house in Sheepscombe and have another job at a Church tomorrow with several more of these to do later in the week along with bed bugs and fleas and rats to deal with. It is already  being a good start to the winter season with 2 carpet beetle jobs already done over the last 2 days. We have a meeting to do with deer control tomorrow  and two fly machines to install on Friday. We have had another 2 mole jobs come in and all work is coming in as it did months ago with no regard to the seasons. Such is the popularity of the company. We are still taking work off others, being more professional, cheaper and caring for people and other wildlife than many others. We only charge once for treatment, no matter how many times we have to call. If there are unusual circumstances we  negotiate a price first rather than spring surprises on people later.

People have been surprised at our price structure on many occasions and we have proved to be cheaper than most on many occasions.

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