Cluster Flies, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Slugs, Rats, Mice and all sorts

We have had a busy couple of weeks with all of the above jobs plus proofing houses against entry by rats and squirrels. We are awaiting results from quotes for bird netting in two locations and the go ahead to do more proofing at blocks of flats in Cheltenham. It seems that people want to be rid of fleas before having visitors over Christmas. We did our last wasp nest on 25 November last year but we have one to deal with on 5 December this year. This sets a new record. Thing are certainly changing in the work we do. Rodents are a problem throughout the year now whereas they used to be a winter problem. Wasps are nesting later and later. Cat and dog fleas are on the increase and I can only think that people do not treat their animals regularly. Frontline and other like products should be applied on a monthly basis for it to be effective. Another thing that is not fully recognised is that fleas are only killed on the cat or dog by biting and feeding off it. They can still hitch a ride without being killed so beds should be regularly treated as well.

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