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Called Stuart to sort out ‘the fervent scratching coming from behind the wall in my lounge’. He was prompt in arriving at the time stated, checked the home all over, and put the relevant treatment down in the area concerned. He was assuring, knowledgeable and professional in his manner and approach, yet very friendly (he never says no to a cuppa!!).

The noise stopped that evening, and I haven’t heard it since.

Stuart charges a one-off fee without callout; this cost includes a visit the following week to check all is well. He did, and his service is excellent and good value for money.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for any pest problems around the home.
Diane C, Innsworth.

Called Stuart when we noticed holes appearing in our sitting room carpet. He arrived on the same day and dealt with the carpet beetles by spraying the carpet and rugs with insecticide. Great job, thanks for sorting out the problem.
Michael T, Leckhampton

Many thanks for dealing with our furry visitors. Hopefully they won`t return! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know with a similar problem.
Helen B

Just wanted to thank you for such a prompt and efficient service. You responded quickly when we contacted you regarding a wasp issue and you were very knowledgeable, taking the time to explain the process and answering our questions. We have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to others with a similar problem. Gillian C, Ashleworth

Many thanks for dealing with our furry visitors. Hopefully they won`t return! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know with a similar problem. Helen B,
Just wanted to thank you for such a prompt and efficient service. You responded quickly when we contacted you regarding a wasp issue and you were very knowledgeable, taking the time to explain the process and answering our questions. We have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to others with a similar problem.
Gillian C, Ashleworth

Thank you for the cost of your visit, which was so much less than I expected. Very kind.
Christine W, Westbury-On-Severn

When I discovered that we had a rat problem in our garden and roof space I called Stuart who responded immediately, much to my relief. I am petrified of rats but Stuart was very understanding and his calm, patient, professional manner was reassuring. He identified that there were mice and rats in our roof space and located several possible points of entry. The whole process of terminating the rats and mice was explained thoroughly to me so I knew exactly what to expect and once Stuart was certain that there was no more activity he spent a day rodent-proofing my whole property to ensure no further offenders could enter. He really does go the extra mile, is very committed and knowledgeable and is such a courteous person it's a pleasure to have him working here...in fact he's a bit of a hero in this house! I would definitely recommend Stuart to anyone with rodent issues.
Alex H, Toddington

After looking online for a pest control expert in the local area and consulting local councils, I decided to use the Pest Man. This decision proved correct, as Phil and Stuart were exemplary from start to finish.
The problem was Bed Bugs and their knowledge of this pest and how to deal with them, even when talking about the problem on the phone for the first time, was impressive, which set my mind at ease. Meeting them in person, on the inspection day, also highlighted the fact that I had chosen the correct people for the task. Phil explained what products would be used, what each one did and how these would eradicate the Bed Bugs.
On the day of the treatment, they were incredibly thorough in getting into every crack, wooden bed slat, chair wheel and essentially anywhere that a Bed Bug might reside, which is quite a lot of places.
They both explained what would happen over the next few weeks concerning the process for eradicating the Bed Bugs, which put my mind at rest. It has been a week since the treatment and everyone in the household is sleeping much better and the stresses that came with the situation have gone.
I would highly recommend using the Pest Man, Phil and Stuart, to eradicate a pest you might have. The personal service they provided as well as their knowledge and experience was first rate. The 100% guarantee that comes with the treatment is also very reassuring. Overall a great job completed at a very reasonable price.
I wish you and Stuart all the best for the future.  

Brilliant service, very responsive when I called. I would recommend The Pest Man again.They are knowledgeable and professional in their work. Thankfully the lawn is saved. Great Job.

We had been hearing strange noises and movements for quite a while starting as regular as clockwork at 10.30 at night. We came down one morning and found our carpet had been attacked plus the wire for the telephone had been bitten through, also a rat had been in our larder cupboard having a feast.

We phoned Phil and James and they were with us within the hour, putting down strong bait and blocking up several holes through which they might have gained entry. For two nights afterwards we heard lots of movement and excitement and then silence and no more activity thereafter. We appreciated their follow up calls and visits to check that the problem had been solved.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a rodent problem.
Lorraine Houston

I would like to thank you for all your help in the process of getting our hamster home and safe. He got out of his cage and got trapped in the soil pipe ducting. Without your help and intervention he would never have got out.

You run a wonderful, helpful service and I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends or use you myself again. Many Thanks
Mrs Dewick

I had noticed lots of tiny insects coming out of the main door of my new home and on the recommendation of a friend I called Phil from The Pest Man company.

He attended within a few hours and sprayed the landing, my door and hallway with insect killer. I had collected a few samples which he took to send away for identification.

I would highly recomment The Pest Man to anyone. They kept me updated and explained the whole process and at all times were honest and reliable.

 I was very pleased with the work and was informed that the insects were booklice, probably from damp plaster. I was advised as to what other measures I should take. From the treatment Phil applied, the booklice are dying in their thousands. I would not hesitate to call upon The Pest Man Again.
Sam Griffin

Having had no previous experience of unwanted guests in the house, we selected the Pest Man form Yell.com to rescue us from a sudden infestation of birds in the loft. Fantastic prompt service. Not only finding evidence of birds but mice as well. Really thorough, patient, tenacious and friendly service. They did not consider the job done until we could confirm we absolutely could not hear any evidence of mysterious scratchings in the loft.

Highly recommended. Any sign of any animals burrowing their way into our loft again and they will be the people we call. We're now sleeping easy rather than listening for signs of little feet running above our heads.
Charlotte Denne

I had been suffering from a bed bug infestation and had The Pest Man come around for the first time in February this year. What then commenced was a battle and Phil tried every method he knew to help me eradicate them. He was friendly, professional and gave me reassurance for which I can honestly say was a very unhappy period of no sleep and constant bed checkinery.A hard working and dedicated man who enjoys his profession and is not afraid of a challenge. It took a few months and a few different products including pushing powder through the metal tubing of the bed frame. My clothes and books were bagged up and put in the car for a month. Finally I can happily say I haven't had a bite in two months and this is all thanks to a very hard working man.
Rachel Burgin    

Phil provided an examplary service when we discovered our empty house had been taken over by the carpet moth. He responded to our emails instantly and liaised with a neighbour  to get access to our house, he carried out a really thorough job in eliminating the moths and helped us find someone to remove the moth eaten carpets. It was a huge burden lifted from us in a stressful period as we relocated back to the UK. A few weeks later we had cause to call Phil in again ( not for the moths ) but for cat fleas which had moved into our car, we don't have any pets! Phil came the next day to treat the car and ever since not a moth or flea in sight. Phil wasn't the first pest control I contacted but his quality of service and knowledge stuck out a mile.
Alan & Pauline Dobson

You came to see us about bees in the roof. I thought you might like to know that it all worked out the way you said it would. The bees gradually disappeared and had all gone by the Sunday. Many Thanks.
Robin Pitman

I was absolutely thrilled at the outcome of the massive takeover bid of carpet moths in our home.  You worked tirelessly to eradicate these little creatures and the results were spectacular. I would not hesitate in asking you to help in this respect again and would happily recomment you.
Cathy Boyd

Thank you for the very quick and efficient job you made of getting rid of a wasp nest at my home yesterday. It was interesting to hear about the lives of the pests that had taken up residence, you are clearly very knowledgeable in the subject. I would definately recommend you to anyone who needs pest control services.
Adrian Pash

Thank you for sorting out our moth problem last year. You provided a first class service, the moths didn't stand a chance! You provided excellent advice and your after care service was brilliant. Highly recommended!
Sonia Bellamy

Phil is a real expert - experienced, hard working, friendly and completely reliable. The moles in our lawn don't stand a chance when he arrives in his van. He won't give up till your mole has been caught and he'll also advise you on how to stop more moles coming onto your property. Recommended unresevedly.

Thoroughly recommend this guy, who treated our wasp nest at short notice on Saturday...massive experience with all sorts of pests...very efficient...reasonable price and nice chap!
Steve Powell

The Pest Man responded quickly to our mouse problem. Not only did he solve it, he gave us some great advice on how to prevent it hapenning again and how to deal with it ourselves if it does. Couldn't ask for any more. It's refreshing to work with someone who takes pride in their work and a genuine interest in their customers.

We tried to get rid of the furry freind in our attic ourselves but it was too cleverfor us. It was also starting to do noticeable damage whilst feasting on our bait. The Pest Man was able to provide an accurate quote by email, attend very quickly to lay the humane trap and his estimate of the squirre'ls likely timing to be caught was spot on. When we found Mr Nutkins had been lured beyond the point of no escape 4 days later, The Pest Man attended within an hour to quickly despatch him to nut heaven ( as required by law). I'm very much hoping I don't need his services again - but would have no hesitation recommending him based on my experience.

"Friendly and efficient service provided by this company. Carpet Moth treatment has been highly effective and was not as smelly as we feared. Great service, thanks and we're now MOTH FREE!!"


Pest Man:1, Carpet Moths:0

Miss Berry

After struggling with clothes moths for months happily eating their way through two wardrobes I phoned the Pest man. I was straight away reasurred that this problem could be sorted and was offered lots of advice on things to do before my appointment. I would definately recommend this quick and friendly company to anyone with pest problems. They even called back three days later to give me free traps. So far moth free!!!

After being stung by a wasp and developing an allergic reaction, Phil came immediately around to kill the wasps nest and then when things had settled down popped back later to remove it. This was an exceptional service and not one wasp reappeared from the nest. Many thanks to Phil for a job well done.
Paul Cleary, Up-Hatherley

We had a very bad bout of carpet moths throughout the lounge/dining room and starting to invade other ground floor and bedroom carpets. The Pest Man did an excellent job, starting almost immediately after calling and thoroughly eradicating the little critters. Furthermore good advice given on avoiding a repetition. Highly recommended. 
Peter Bryant, Churchdown

We had an infestation of case bearing clothes moths, which was dealt with in a very helpful and professional manner. The pest man was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to help us on three separate occasions. We will definately use him again for a problem with pigeons that are prevalent where we live. A genuinely nice and helpful chap, who was very knowledgeable about a wide range of pest control. I highly recommend The Pest Man to anyone in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. He is very reasonably priced and very thorough too! Thanks Dean and Ellie.
Dean and Ellie Lock, Cheltenham

Really quick,friendly and got the job done.What more can you ask for. Highly recommended. Rated 5/5 (wasp Job).
Claire McGill, Cheltenham

We had suffered with a rat problem for several months, and having been told of one local pest controller who simply arrived, told our friends to put down poison and then left them a bill of £50, we were trying (unsuccessfully) to deal with the problem ourselves.  When we rang Phil, "the Pest Man", we were at the end of our tether. He was marvellous!  He treated the problem, which was an internal one, with some very potent poison and laid down several traps.  His knowledge of the problem, and how to deal with it, was extremely impressive - he has been in the business for some considerable time, and his experience shows.  Within several days our problem, which Phil estimated was 8-10 rats, was gone.  He even supplied us with some extra strong air fresheners to take away any unpleasant odour!  We cannot thank him enough.
Marianne Andrews, Winchcombe

Phil is a first class professional and very knowledgeable. We had a big wasps nest in the roof of one of our dormers and he quickly dealt with the problem and his bill was very reasonable. He comes highly recommended.
David Peake, Chedworth

We heard a buzzing sound coming from a wall in our bathroom and saw wasps going in through a vent in the wall outside. We called Phil, The Pest Man. He arrived at the arranged time, immediately got to work with an extending puffer and within seconds, the job was done.  He even located a second site and dealt with that. This was excellent value for money by a very knowledgeable gentleman who was not only quick and polite but very efficient Many thanks, Phil
Julian Chubb, Cheltenham

I was really impressed by the service provided by Phil, The Pest Man. He responded immediately and sensitively to the rat infestation I had in my tenanted house, in Cheltenham, pacifying and reassuring the tenants whilst also taking the time to answer my queries on the phone. His pricing was very reasonable and he didn't even charge me for some of the work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
Graham Crewe

No sign of any recurrance at my home, in fact, anything insectivorous that so much as looks through a bedroom window seems to end up on its back with its legs in the air.

Thanks for a great job.
John Thornton

We called Phil, The Pest Man, when we discovered a mouse in the house.Within a few hours of calling, he was on the case and his professionalism and knowledge was outstanding. He immediately made us feel at ease and confident that the problem would be rectified. After a thorough inspection of the property, he was able to determine where the mouse was most likely to be and laid traps and poison in different places. He also blocked up a hole which the mouse was likely to have come from. We even called him on a Sunday morning at 8am and he was at the house within an hour and terminated the mouse very quickly and efficiently. We couldn't have asked for a better service. Phil was friendly, extremely professional and his expertise was tremendous. We would recommend him wholeheartedly to any one who needs Pest Control.
Mr & Mrs H, Cheltenham




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