Fleas, bed Bugs,Moths, Pigeons, Rabbits and Rats

We have had a varied week or so again having completed several flea jobs, several moth jobs a bed bug job, several rabbit shooting ones and also,  pigeon control, shooting, spiking and gelling. The gel, bird free gel, works very well and we have had many favourable reports about it. The birds see it as fire and avoid it. It is almost invisible from the ground as the pots it is in are only about half an inch high and are spaced out according to the wing span of the birds we are deterring. Although we give a 100% guarantee for all out insect work, we have had no calls back for flea treatment or indeed any other of our work on insects. We have been recommended many times recently to others by people we have worked for as they have been very pleased with the result. Over the  past 3 weeks we have had jobs every hour of every day. It has certainly been tiring. We are looking forward to a few weeks at a less manic pace towards the end of the summer.

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