Bird repelling, Bed Bugs, Squirrells and Rodents

Over the last couple of weeks, we have caught 32 squirrels in one garden, completed a gull spiking job which also entailed putting down Bird free Fire Gel to keep gulls from perching and  nesting on the roofs of two houses, completed another bed bug job in a dormitory and several rat and mouse jobs which encompassed proofing as well using wire netting in which we sandwich Xcluder matting. This matting is made of stainless steel wire and fibre, woven together. Nothing can chew through it. Wire netting stiffens it and makes it fit and stay in holes better.

In all it has been quite a busy couple of weeks with a large variety of work. We still have several mole trapping jobs going on as well as several rodent jobs requiring second visits so plenty of work to keep us busy for another week or two

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