Pigeon spiking, Fleas,Moths, Bed Bugs,Rats and Mice

What a busy couple of weeks the past ones have been. We have had several Moth Control jobs in Cheltenham, Whittington and Nailsworth, have dealt with Fleas in Cheltenham and Greet, Rats in Cheltenham, Gloucester¬†and Selsley, Mice and Pigeon spiking ¬†in Cheltenham and Bed Bugs in Cheltenham. We have had to relocate a few bee nests but this cannot be done with all, especially if they are in the cavities of houses and several people have been persuaded to keep them. We have an interesting problem to deal with next week, Mosquito’s in Lechlade. The outcome of this will be clear by the end of next week. Rats and mice seem to be worse this year than in the past. Normally they are not a problem at this time of year but we are as busy with them now as in the winter.

Wasps are slow to appear this year but they should start showing up soon.

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