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For shooting our charge is £80 per session ( including ammuntion costs). For trapping, mole, rabbit or rat gassing, our charge is £40 per hour per operative. Gassing pellet flasks are charged at £40 each.

We charge £50 to £80 per session for fox shooting depending on where and how long it takes. For deer or boar shooting we take the carcass as payment. We are happy to share some of the spoils with the owner, of course.

Insect control can require a variety of treatments and naturally the costs will vary, however, it is usually not as expensive as one might think and a visit from us will quickly generate a very competitive quote. Please remember, we offer a 100% guarantee for all insect work. As far as we know, we are the only pest control company to offer this to our customers.

Moth and carpet beetle control prices vary. Carpet eating larvae may be dealt with for £75 per room, negotiable with multiple rooms .Large furiture items which have to be moved are required to be emptied as far as practicable.

With clothes moths, a lot of work is required by the occupant before treatment. Please enquire as to what needs to be done so that we can give a fairly accurate quote.

Cluster Flies can be controlled permanently in a loft by the use of a fly machine. If they are coming in through windows, we can spray the window frame to stop this, Sometimes they come down through light fittings. We can put a clear mastic around the rose to stop this. Window treatments  usually cost £50 to £75. If we are to deal with light fittings also the cost may be about £100 as this takes quite a long time. Fly machines for a small loft can be supplied for £60. A 3 pin 13 amp socket will be required in the loft. For a larger loft a £80 machine will be adequate whilst one costing £125 may be required for a vary big loft.

Flea, bed bug and moth treatments cost from £50 to £75 per room but negotiable for very large rooms or where lots of furniture needs to be moved.  Discounts are always given the more rooms there are to be treated. We normally use a growth regulator with our insecticide for fleas as another way to tackle them sucessfully. This stops fleas reaching adulthood and thus laying eggs. Using the best products enables us to give the 100% guarantee with confidence.

Simple wasp control will cost £60 within 5 miles and £65 to £70 over with Hornet and very large wasp nests usually costing a little more.

Rodent control is charged at £95 for the first and second visit and survey plus the costs of any bait supplied (no extra charge for setting out baited rat or mouse traps).There may be other costs, up to £150, if we are required to block holes  or rodent entry points. We use a product called Xcluder matting, which is a stainless steal wire and fibre mat. We stiffen this with small gauge wire netting. The matting is quite expensive but does not rust or cause stains and lasts for many years. No rodent or animal can chew through it. We have used it for many years now, very successfully

Bird control can use different methods, typically shooting in the case of pigeons, spikes, netting or gels, so naturally costs will vary, and a Pest Man visit will quickly determine the best course of action and an immediate quote will be supplied. We are experienced in fitting spikes and bird netting. We have used Bird Free Gel in many places with very good results. In one case, neighbours saw the effect and asked us to gel their roof as well. They had seen the results over a year. Where pigeons and gulls had been present for several years, none had been there since we did our work.  Much of this work is not cheap but results speak for themselves. The skill is in fitting the right product for the circumstances and doing it properly. There are many cowboys about doing shoddy work which does not last 5 minutes. Please don't be taken in by a cheap quote. Good products cost quite a lot but are built to last and if fitted right, will last for many years.

We can supply electronic fly machines of all sizes, types and prices. These start at just £60.00 for a 45 square metre model. Sonic repellers can be supplied from £35. Sonic repellers only work to keep things out. They will not drive resident pests out. These have to be caught or killed first.

We use both live catch traps and traps that kill outright ( used for rodents, stoats/weasels and moles). Lethal traps are not used where non target animals may be found.

The Pest Man team are licensed, qualified and experienced in the use of firearms for rabbit, fox, deer and wild boar control, gassing equipment (for moles, rabbits and rats), poisons (for rodent control) traps and insecticides of all varieties.

The costs indicated are for work carried out locally. Extra charges will be added for traveling depending on the distance (10 - 15 miles plus £10 and over 15 miles the hourly rate pro rata).

Our best advice is to contact The Pest Man as soon as a problem is noticed. It is easier and cheaper to deal with a small problem rather than a larger worry later down the line.

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