Recent clients

Recent clients include those who have had wasp nests, rat or mouse problems and those who have had their carpets or clothing eaten away by carpet moths or clothes moths. We have dealt with bed bug, ant, flea and cockroach infestations at private homes, business premises and educational establishments, feral pigeons and rooks in Town Centres, foxes on bowling greens, private gardens and farms, gulls on house roofs and businesses in Gloucestershire plus squirrels damaging trees and invading roof spaces..We frequently carry out mole trapping and gassing, grey squirrel trapping, rat, mouse and carpet moth eradications, spraying and fumigation for various insects plus rabbit, deer, fox, crow, pigeon and gull control. Less common pest problems are more infrequent.

We get rodent, pigeon, rabbit and mole control work over the winter months plus cluster fly proofing and fumigations during the late Autumn and early winter. Carpet and clothes moths may be a problem all year round, similar to fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches. The colder weather always bring rats and mice closer to human habitation in their search for food and shelter. During the summer, wasps are the main pest species dealt with.

Pests of one sort or another are a problem throughout the year.

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